Top 10 players of League of Legends

In 2019, the League of Legends World Championship returns to Europe. 24 teams will be determined out of the 13 regional leagues by October, which will take part in the most prestigious eSports event – League of Legends competition. The World Cup Final 2019 will be held in November in Paris, France, at Accor Hotels Arena.

The World Cup is the highest peak to which the best players of LOL aspire. More than a hundred rivals will join the fight for the “Summoner’s Cup”. Although they are the best in their regions, they are all lost in the crowd at the final stages of the battle. However, some of the League of Legends players manage to attract our attention, while others have already become idols, former champions, and giants on the world stage. Today, we have chosen 10 people able to fight for the main prize. Let’s check their names:

10. Cuvee (Lee Song On, upper line, GEN.G ESPORTS team, LCK League);

9. Caps (Rasmus Winter, middle line, FNATIC team, EU LCS League);

8. Ming (Shi Sungmin, support, ROYAL NEVER GIVE UP team, LPL League);

7. Sword Art (Hu Shaize, support, FLASH WOLVES team, LMS League);

6. Smeb (Song Ken Xo, upper line, KT ROLSTER team, LCK League);

5. Ruler (Pak Che Hek, arrow, GEN.G ESPORTS team, LCK League);

4. Kiin (Kim Giin, upper line, AFREECA FREECS team, LCK League);

3. Score (Ko Dongbin, forester, KT ROLSTER team, LCK League);

2. Rookie (Son Ej In, middle line, INVICTUS GAMING team, LPL League);

1. Uzi (Jian Jiao, arrow, ROYAL NEVER GIVE UP team, LPL League).

The season of 2018 in the League of Legends set a lot of records, surprised the fans and gave the best professional players the opportunity to fight for the championship before the largest audience in the history of eSports.

What chances does a newcomer have to win the main trophy of LOL?

Many people have a dream to become a cyber sportsman, earn money by playing their favorite game, be popular and travel around the world, participating in pool tournaments. Every year, new stars appear on the professional scene that could not imagine before that they will fulfill their dream.

When you are new – the game looks scary. You do not know what to buy, where to put totems, which line to choose, etc. At the first time, it will be very hard to figure it out. Do not be afraid to copy talents, runes, and compilation of items from professional players or friends that are more experienced. With every game, you will better understand your choices. 

How to start?

The best option is to choose one hero for the beginning. Try to understand his skills, what items are collected on him by experienced players, what is required on the line and in team battles. When you have enough experience playing the character, you will be less distracted by your actions and will be able to follow the mini-card. It is very important to know what is happening on the other lines, and where the team needs your presence.

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