10 rules how to start winning in League of Legends

LOL has become one of the most intriguing cybersport games. Learning how to play takes a lot of time. Here are our 10 rules on how to start winning immediately.

1. Do not fully rely on partners

In any situation, you are alone. Even if the whole enemy team is trying to kill you, do not expect any of your comrades to help. You are on your own, and no one owes you anything (in any case, not in games with strangers). Survive. This is the only way you can win.

2. Do not write in the chat

Chatting is distracting. Some professional teams train in complete silence, coordinating actions only with map pointers – try to follow their example. Concentrate on your actions. Raise the team spirit by good maneuvers, not conversations.

3. Do not read the chat

Be sure you do not have to read this. If you do not read, you do not want to reply. Focus on the game.

4. Control the situation

Remember that there are nine more players on the map, and each of them is potentially dangerous. Constantly follow the map and the behavior of the characters. Is someone fell out of sight? There is a risk that at this moment he is sneaking up to you. Watch out! Map control is the key to victory.

5. Remember that you are the only to blame

Team failure means only that you did not make your best. In order to rise in the ranking, it is not enough to play on an equal with an opponent. You are obliged to roll the enemy into a cake, dance on his grave and take advantage of the gap in order to get your partners out of the hole. This is possible. The main thing is to play at the limit.

6. Find the limits

In order to win, you must be aggressive and force the opponent to adapt. To learn this, you need to risk yourself. Only by desperate risking, you can find out what are you able to do.

7. Choose your favorites

Select several heroes and a couple of roles that you will play best of all, and they will help you to win.

8.  Get ready to play for anyone

You will not always get what you want, so you have to know every role.

9.  Take a break

If the game does not go the second (or even the first) party in a row, take a break.

10. Rrely on partners

You have helped everyone until now, – then one day someone has to help you. Do not give up – you can save any game. Rely on partners.

After reading this article, you are ready for the worst. Nothing will scare you, and it is great.

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