How to quickly join the LOL community for newcomers

Each day the community of LOL geeks became bigger. Every newcomer seeks to quickly and smoothly integrate the LOL game world. Therefore, we have prepared a list of 7 useful tips for beginners to start with. Here we go!

1. Turn on the free camera mode

Obviously, the camera should never be attached to a hero. The first time you join the game, you will see that the camera is originally assigned to your champion. To enable free mode, press “Y”. This will open up a world of new opportunities. You will be able to follow your allies and see the enemies that your teammates have discovered. A free mode is the first step to better understand what is happening on the map.

2. Follow the small map

There is nothing wrong with the fact that a newcomer only follows his champion. As soon as a little accustomed to the game, you need to start to follow the map. You can even increase its size in the settings. Paying attention to the map is only the first step. You need to understand well what is happening to it. The best players need only instantly look at the map in order to understand the balance of power in the confrontation. It comes with experience.

3. Use the fast attack

To use the champion’s abilities, you have to press” Q “,” W “,” E “, or” R “and the left mouse button. However, while you hover the mouse, precious time is wasted. Therefore, you need to learn how to use a fast attack. Turn it on in the game settings. You will need to learn how to do this with most of your champion’s actions.

4. Move and attack

Having learned to quickly use abilities, you can use the left mouse button for other maneuvers – the attacking movement. Moving around the map with the left mouse button is much more efficient than with the right one. With its help, your champion will automatically stop and attack the nearest enemy.

5. Kill minions

If you kill the minions, your hero will be stronger. Beginners must learn to kill these creatures. To do this, you need to keep track of the minions and attack them at a time when their health is almost zero.

6. Use totems

Totem will allow you to see what is happening on the hidden part of the map. While you are on the line, place the totem in the place where the enemy can hide. Especially pay attention to those places that lead to the forest or to the river. If you are a support, give preference to the seeing stone and the all-seeing magnifying glass to find invisible opponents.

Do not think about the outcome of the game

Enjoy the game! Just think about your game and learn from your mistakes. Remember: the game should be fun! Take the best out of League of Legends.

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